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Tipz from the Babysitter is written by Samantha Potts,'s lifelong babysitter for both the KidzAustin kidz. This column provides valuable advice to any parent when working and developing a relationship with a babysitter as well as offering up good advice to the babysitter themselves.

Consistency Can be a Parent’s Best Friend
March 2009

Being consistent as parents, encouraging your child to be consistent, and ensuring that anyone who spends ample time with your children also tries to be consistent in the things they do and say with your children, can improve so many aspects of your family. For starters, it can help your child to listen better, be more decisive, and increase communication and understanding in your day to day routine.

As every parent has at one time or another, it’s easy to get tired . . . .


Advice for First Time Sitters (or parents that will be hiring new sitter for first time)…
Jan 2009

Over the last ten years I’ve learned quite a bit about children and the wonderful stages they go through during their development. If you don’t have children of your own, like me, and you are going to be entrusted with someone else’s child/children for the first time, there are a few basic things I like to know first. . .







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