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KidzAustin clan's blogger Kiffin Potts-Brown and son, Zen Brown at Cherrywood Coffeehouse during RIIL Chemistry performance.

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I couldn't help but ask the local kids' band RIIL Chemistry about their thoughts on rock or music camps that have become so popular in recent years. It turns out the members have attended various rock camps over the past.

RIIL Chemistry Band Plays Cherrywood Coffeehouse"Rock camp really builds bonds in a band, plus it gives you an opportunity to meet/network with other members outside of your band," says RIIL Chemistry vocalist Ryan. In fact, says Ryan, "I would recommend it for musicians looking to form a band or hone their skills with an existing band. Be prepared to compromise, though. You may not always get the song choice you want so focus more on using it as a learning experience." They express that if kids are inclined to compose, a rock or music camp creates a very structured environment for them to pursue that.

In addition, the band members mentioned that many camps also offer the opportunity to record at the end of the session. For many kids, that is the first time they get the experience of working in a studio and learn what really goes into recording. Of course, the ultimate bonus is "getting to play the end-of-camp show at a big venue."

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