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Gorgeous Millie, a cooperative teacher-led playgroup for children 0 to 3 years old

Gorgeous Millie is a cooperative teacher-led playgroup for children 0 to 3 years old, regularly meeting September through May.  Led by mothers Laura Jacks and JC Conklin, Gorgeous Millie is intended to give mothers, caretakers, and children a place to learn, relax, and grow together in a welcoming, stimulating, environment.   The focus of Gorgeous Millie is “learning through play” and incorporates classic children’s stories with sensory stations, craft projects, and music to give children an opportunity to grow and thrive.

As a community, Gorgeous Millie members bring their talents, like homemade tortillas and fresh avocado as a snack, or egg-free muffins to satisfy the allergy challenges for a few of the kids.  Moms can come to Gorgeous Millie and interact and watch their kids learn and play while they enjoy the company of other moms with a nice cup of coffee or tea in an environment that looks more like an upscale living room than a toddler gym. asks Gorgeous Millie:
Why will kids/families remember after visiting your business/trying your service? 

Moms love Gorgeous Millie because it is a safe place for kids to play and learn in an environment where they can relax.  People comment on the beauty of the space and the creativity of the activities.  This is so much more than a playgroup... it's an experience for moms, caregivers, and kids to play and learn together..

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Community Involvement:
Partnered with The Open Arms Shop recently to hold a 100+ attendee reception to celebrate the launch of The Open Arms Shop.


, Austin area teacher-led playgroup for children 0 to 3 years old

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