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Sole Song Dance Academy

Sole Songs Dance Academy
512.343.SSDA (7732)

Sole Songs Dance Academy prioritizes the comfort and happiness of our students and families.  Many studios can offer a great education in dance and performance technique, here at SSDA we strive for something unique.  Our staff has a combined 20yrs teaching experience and an innate love of dance.  However we are also passionate educators.  Our staff meetings always focus on getting to know our students in order to properly instruct them.  We work with all kinds of families to develop a relationship with our students that not only produces studied, talented dancers but also happy, confident, well rounded people.

We welcome all types of students.  Some dancers come to class once a week and take part in a variety of other activities as well.  More committed students often choose to be on our competition team.  We also have a Joy of Dance program to enrich the lives of dancers with special needs.  At SSDA there is no pressure to “BE” a dancer. We welcome those who practice recreationally and work to set an example for those who choose to study more seriously.

The wonders that our staff is capable of are difficult to write about because here at SSDA we are all about personal connection.  Our office staff is quick to create new classes based on requests.  Our teaching staff is always is looking for new ways to make class both fun and educational. Our holistic view of dance means that students will often get a small dose of math, science, history, geography or any other topic that relates to the limitless world of dance.

Dance is in our hearts and we’re passionate about our craft. Teaching is the most important profession in the world so our intellectual commitment is to the growth of every dancer that enters our studio. asks Sole Songs:
What makes your business kid/family-friendly? 

"Our business is kid and family friendly because we strive to balance hard work and fun!  We always make time to work with families on scheduling and private lessons. As a studio we always choose age appropriate music, costumes, and themes for our dancers, to ensure the comfort and confidence of our students." 

and What do you think your customers like the most about your business/service?

"The thing most customers like about our service is our wonderful staff and the care we provide for our dancers.  Our job is not simply to teach dance, but to help every child dig deep to find their own potential. Our parents and our students recognize and appreciate this."

Use code word releve360 and receive 15% off your first months tuition and registration. To activate call our office to register or register online and email us at with your name, class and the code word to apply the discount to your account. Offer is limited to one per family and lasts to October 31, 2012. 


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background info:
After 10yrs of teaching Miss Naomi is overjoyed to be starting her own studio. SSDA is the product of a life time of study and a heart full of passion. Naomi has been dancing since age two and competing at age 10.  She has experience teaching tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, gymnastics and yoga, and holds a degree in Government from UT Austin.  While in school Naomi worked on performances for local charities and student dance companies.  Naomi continues to perform but her primary focus is passing on her knowledge and love of dance to students.  

Sole Songs Dance Academy
6507 Jester Blvd. Ste 504 
Austin TX 78750
512.343.SSDA (7732)

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