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The Psychology of Parenting Seriez

Welcome to a new seriez of insightful columns coming to The Psychology of Parenting Seriez brings the views and prospectives of local mom and licensed psychologist, Kavita Murthy, Ph.D. to our visitors. Each column will provide parents a professional opinion and advice balanced with real-life experiences from right here in your hometown.

Taking Care of You, So You Can Take Care of Them
May, 2010

Every summer, I ask myself, why do I feel so run down when I should be relaxing and enjoying this time with the kids? As I juggle my work schedule and attempt to find interesting camps that my children will appreciate, despite the high cost, I find myself more and more exhausted.  Why am I not doing these fun things myself?  . . .

Bullying: We Didn't Start the Fire. Or Did We?
April 2010

While I realize this topic has been addressed numerous times by a variety of experts, I would like to throw a new slant on the idea of Bullying.  Instead of labeling and polarizing our children into categories of “bullies-that-cannot-be-helped” vs. “victims-that-need-protection”, what if we dug a little deeper and asked ourselves how these behaviors are created in the first place? Most research shows . . .

The Mother-Daughter Connection
May 2009

This month, as Mother's Day is quickly approaching, I thought I would share with readers a personal journey I have taken in my own life.  Three years ago, I was approached by several mothers in the neighborhood about starting a mother-daughter group.  At the time, despite being a Psychologist, I had not heard of the recent publication . . .

Staying Consistent in the Face of Change
March 2009

Well, it's that time again.  The weather is gorgeous, your flowers are in bloom. Yep, it must be Spring, a time when you feel the call for spontaneity, a sense of restlessness, a way to break out of the confines of your structured routine.  As a parent, it becomes even more challenging to stick with what works for your children, and maintain the consistency that is essential for your family.Here is a list of  principles to follow that will provide you with a solid foundation for your kids.  This will allow you the freedom . . .

Dealing with Transition and Change
January 2009

What a great time of the year, holiday stresses are behind us and change is upon us. With a new President on the horizon there is lots of talk about transition everywhere I look. Locally, I see that even my own Kindergartner is dealing with this very global issue.  He is getting a new teacher mid-year. I see the fear and concern in his eyes, and wonder what it must be like for him as we walk expectantly to his “new’ classroom. Will the new teacher be able to pronounce my name? Will she. . .

Real Advice for Parents-To-Be: It’s not all about the Baby!
October 2008

I just returned last week from visiting my sister who will be expecting her first child in November. She is practically glowing with anticipation as she makes her checklists and prepares for the “big day.” We talked incessantly about the day of the birth and all the options she has as a new mother. As we were purchasing items she might need in those first few months, I started thinking of all the birthing classes I took . . .

How Much is Too Much? Extra-Curricular Activities for your Child
September 2008

Well, by now I am sure everyone is settling into a brand new school year.  Change can be a scary thing for youngsters, but I am hopeful your child is transitioning (or coping as it were) well to their new teacher, peer group or school schedule.  And speaking of schedules, I know many of you are thinking about signing your youngster up for some extra curricular . . . (click link for full story)

Back to School Jitters? Helping yourself means helping your child
August 2008

My last child will be starting Kindergarten this year and as usual I am filled with a mixture of excitement and fear.  I assumed that since I have done this before, I would be able to handle this.  I assumed since I am a psychologist, I would know what to expect, and be able to manage.  Instead, I find myself consumed with thoughts about my own performance as a parent.  It seems that no matter how much you mentally prepare yourself, it can be difficult to quiet the voices in your head . . . 

Kavita Murthy, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Austin.

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Kavita Murthy, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Austin.

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