Austin-Area Blog "Boy Gone Healthy" Helps Kids and Adults Make Healthy Life Choices: Austin Kidz Spotlight

Blogger Jax Caddell of  Boy Gone Healthy shares the healthy benefits of the avocado in his 40th episode, Holy Guacamole.Jax Caddell, a local Austin-area video blogger (who happens to also be a kid), says "It feels good when you know you are making a change in the world."  What does Jax do to make this happen? He creates Boy Gone Healthy, a video blog with an entertaining take on things we can all do to make life a little healthier. The blog topics range from mental health, fitness, healthy food and recipes, skin health and more.  In fact, Jax has just completed his 40th episode, "Holy Guacamole" which touts the benefits of avocadoes and also offers up a delectable way to serve them. (The avocado also makes an appearance in a few other episodes, most recently #36, "Healthy Chocolate Pudding… What?"). He’s also appeared 3 times on Time Warner Cable News. In addition, the video blog currently has a growing list of email subscribers. Jax’s goal is to reach 250  subscribers by his 50th episode. As a bonus, prize drawings are offered to those who sign up.

Jax’s Journey

Encouraged by mentors, Rusty Kutzer, Jax's trainer, and Kristina Wolter, Jax's friend and Pre-K teacher, Jax states, "It started out as a summer project in 2014, but I enjoyed it so much I kept on doing it."

Originally, Jax created and published the blog on Google Blogger, a free resource that any kid or adult can use.  However, as he realized he wanted to take it further, he and his dad worked together to learn the necessary software. They used Wordpress to design the blog site and generate emails and Apple iMovie for video editing. Jax credits his family with helping him come up with many of his blog topics. Jax adds, as his blog following has expanded, “viewers also inspire me by giving me ideas in the comments.”

Jax says his favorite episode thus far is "Episode Six: Shake Your Smoothie. "We took a turn and jumped on the crazy train! We stepped up the style and starting having more fun with it."

Of course, the life of an entrepreneur isn’t always rosey.  While he gets lots of support from his viewers, in fact, Jax actually received one threat and one hate comment on this blog. "That was hard at first, because it was scary” he explains. "But I told my Dad I wanted to continue – I didn't want the haters to win." Screenshot of Boy Gone Healthy's media page. The blog has been covered 3 times thus far by Time Warner Cable News.

And so he continues on his path, putting out one blog per week. "My biggest struggle is managing my time. It's hard to produce a show every week, but when I'm done it usually comes out as a great episode. My Dad and I do a big high-five when I publish."

How to Start Your Journey as a Young Entrepreneur

For kids (or adults) that might like to start their own blog or business, Jax says, "My advice is to find something you enjoy selling or writing or talking about and keep it going! There is stuff you need like a computer or camera for example, but just try your best with what you have. An easy way to get started, like I originally did, is Google Blogger."

What’s Next

Boy Gone Healthy's next episode will feature an interview with a French cuisine chef who teaches food as medicine. "I'm very excited about that one," he says.

As for down the road (a stretch as we say in Texas), Jax says "I see myself in five years driving a cool car and picking a great college! I hope to have 1000 viewers on Boy Gone Healthy by then and be speaking at large events. I'd love to be on Ted Talks someday."

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Created by 12-year-0ld Jax Caddell, Boy Gone Healthy is a video blog about how kids and grownups can stay healthy and fit. Start watching now.

Help Jax reach his goal of 250 Boy Gone Healthy email subscribers by his 50th episode. (Did we mention subscribers are eligible to win fun prizes?) Click here to register.

Jax Caddell, Boy Gone Healthy Video Blogger

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