Finding Austin Area Family Friendly Summer Fun with Kids is Easy

Kids in Summer -- Copyrighted image. Not available for reuse.Whether you’re vacationing or staycationing for the summer season, Austin and surrounding areas offer families and/or just kids loads of options to keep them busy during their time off from school.

Summer Camps

If the kids are the only ones that get time off over the long summer holiday, local summer camps provide an escape from the mundane while also keeping them safe and active. And, the choices these days are far more exciting than the types of camp I remember. Acting camps, rock camps, tech camps, horse-riding camps, all-star sports camps, dance camps, invention or entrepreneur camps and even slot-car-racing camps make up just a small percentage of the entire selection available to the Austin-area kids of today. You can allow your child to follow their dream (“Mom, I always wanted to play guitar in front of a crowd”) or simply try something new (if you’re like me, you’ve heard “I’m so bored” more than you’d like). Depending on the camp, it can last only half-day, all-day or even overnight. Find these and more types of local summer camps, broken out by location, on’s Campz4Summer page. (And if you happen to have a young aspiring rocker, we invite you to read our blog on local kids’ band, RIIL Chemistry. They share their thoughts on summer camps and offer a behind-the-scenes view on what it takes to perform gigs around Austin.)

Events - SummerEventz, RegularGigz, GeneralEventz

While it’s often excessively warm in the summer, the Austin area generally teems with affordable family fun (sometimes even free) from June – August. Notable events include: Ice Cream Festival, Bat Fest, and Luling Watermelon Thump. You can find a schedule of these on our SummerEventz page.

The area also serves up great daily, weekly or monthly activities just to keep families and kids busy over the summer. These can range from storytimes (at your local library or bookstore), free or discounted movies (either at the theater or in the park), live outdoor musicals or performances (often free but first-come, first-serve -- so get their early),  nature hikes, live music (it is what Austin is known for after all), family nights and so much more. One of the biggest notables particularly over the summer is Children’s Art Park. It’s a unique experience. At only 50 cents per child, families enjoy musical performances and activities including dancers, storytellers, musicians, mimes Wednesday during the summer. Find all of this and more on's RegularGigz page.

Families can also find more locally offered workshops, performances, playgroups and more on our General Eventz page.

Fun Indoors

Because it can be very hot in the Austin area over the summer months, parents need to have some indoor ideas that will keep the kids entertained without dehydrating them. In addition, the multiple allergens floating in our air at any given moment, provides another reason to keep the kids inside from time to time. For those instances, families can find numerous indoor venues around the city and outlying areas on our FunIndoorz page. Activities available include indoor sky diving (yes, it’s safe for kids 3 and up!), indoor slot-car racing, various indoor inflatable play places, indoor trampoline entertainment, laser tag, libraries, bowling, family-friendly shows and more.   

Fun Outdoors

The last but certainly not least category on our list are outdoor locations providing entertainment from outdoor mini-golf, water park fun, go-cart racing, parks, baseball, outdoor playscapes, pools (including well-known for it’s cold water, Barton Springs Pool), hiking, kayaking and the list goes on and on. If this is what you’re looking for, you can find details on’s FunOutdoorz page.

Want more family-friendly entertainment and info (did we mention we’ve got a Kidzeatfree page), check out our whole website at:!


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KidzAustin clan's blogger Kiffin Potts-Brown and son, Zen Brown at Cherrywood Coffeehouse during RIIL Chemistry performance.

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I couldn't help but ask the local kids' band RIIL Chemistry about their thoughts on rock or music camps that have become so popular in recent years. It turns out the members have attended various rock camps over the past.

RIIL Chemistry Band Plays Cherrywood Coffeehouse"Rock camp really builds bonds in a band, plus it gives you an opportunity to meet/network with other members outside of your band," says RIIL Chemistry vocalist Ryan. In fact, says Ryan, "I would recommend it for musicians looking to form a band or hone their skills with an existing band. Be prepared to compromise, though. You may not always get the song choice you want so focus more on using it as a learning experience." They express that if kids are inclined to compose, a rock or music camp creates a very structured environment for them to pursue that.

In addition, the band members mentioned that many camps also offer the opportunity to record at the end of the session. For many kids, that is the first time they get the experience of working in a studio and learn what really goes into recording. Of course, the ultimate bonus is "getting to play the end-of-camp show at a big venue."

Read more about RIIL Chemistry on KidzAustin's blog.