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Trampolines, Pizza and A Special Donut Cake You Can Only Get In Round Rock!

This year my daughter turned 9! She’s sort of at a time in her life where she isn’t really sure what she wants. I like to think that it’s just that she’s satisfied in life, but maybe there’s more to it. I truly don’t know. Nonetheless, when it came time to start thinking about her birthday party this year, I found myself struggling for the right thing. Her quick answer was to do what her brother did this year (and last) for his party (Reference our article on a great party plan for boys 10 – 13).  But, I could already hear the post party comments of how it was what HE wanted and not her blah, blah, blah.

As KidzAustin’s content creator, I was aware of a couple of new jumping places that actually featured wall-to-wall trampolines. So, I did a little research into that aspect. (Click here to find local kids’ party place listings for Austin area on our site.) I also considered doing an artsy type of party. We did something similar to that last year with a stepping stone project (which was a lot of fun!). But, since this was to also be a sleepover, I didn’t feel like there was enough physical activity involved. I don’t know what it is about kids getting together for a birthday party, but the energy level just shoots through the roof.  So, I decided I was really looking for something that would provide an outlet for that surge.

My first impression of the jumping places was that it was a little pricey (keep in mind we just got through Thanksgiving, a birthday party, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and were about to endeavor into another birthday party. I was counting my pennies ; ) ) But, I did want to give her a party activity that would really leave an impression. So, while we were visiting family in Kansas City (going there? You should read our blog on KidzAustin's visit to KC), I checked my email . .and there it was, a dream come true, a Groupon (don’t know about Groupons or group discount deals? Read my blog on my favorites!) for JumpStreet!! YEAH! I quickly purchased the deal – 4 admissions to Jumpstreet + 4 Fun passes (which give you access to more of the activities they offer) for 2 hours of fun for only $35. That purchase meant I could get all 4 of her planned invitees in the door and only have to pay full price for my daughter. Woohoo! In the end, we had one girl that couldn’t make it, so it all balanced out fine.

Jumpstreet storefront - a fun place for kids to jump on trampolines and moreOnce the Groupon magic worked out, my daughter was a little more forthcoming with her desires for her party – pizza for dinner and the Round Rock Donut cake for her birthday cake/breakfast. So, we discovered that CiCi’s Pizza wasn’t too far from Jumpstreet (all 6 of us ate all the pizza, salad, drinks and dessert we could stand for about $30) and we ordered our Round Rock giant donuts. We get one Texas Sized Round Rock Donut (This is big, the size of a cake) glazed and one Texas Sized Round Rock Donut with chocolate and then pile one on top of the other and add candles. Cake cost came out to around $12. And,  let me tell you kids love this thing and will tell all their friends!

As for Jumpstreet, it was definitely the type of party place I had in mind. When we walked in, there was a giant window where you could look into the massive trampoline section. Kids were bounding and jumping and having so much fun. Once we got through the line and completed our forms, we checked out the rest of the place. There’s a LOT to do here. When you first pass the registers, you can’t miss the Urban Cowboy type bull in the middle (part of the Fun Pass option). Unfortunately, on this particular day he had a sign stating he was feeling a “little under the weather.” So, I never got to see him in action. Past that, they had the birthday party section (which we didn’t do since we just bought admissions) and the younger kid area. This area featured trampolines dedicated to kids 7 and under, a small merry go round and two very large and cool-looking inflatables. One looked like a giant alligator. And right next to that was a tubing slide where the kids would stand in line and wait for one child to come down with the tube, then carry the tube up the stairs where they would then slide down the slide in the tube. It looked like lots of fun. To the right we saw the dodge ball section (part of the Fun Pass I believe) where the kids played dodge ball on trampolines. There were also a few arcade games that you could pay to use as well as an air hockey machine. And throughout all this were tables and chairs where adults could sit and watch the TV or their kids (there’s only one TV where we managed to stay on top of the NFL playoff status). While sitting there, I then found the other two sections that I completely missed. Behind the admission area/registers, there was a giant foam pit with a Tarzan looking rope for the kids to swing from. Next to that was a maze. I enjoyed the fact that outside of the maze they had a television which allowed parents to have some clue as to if their kids were in it or not.  Again, these were the ‘bonus’ activities that come with the Fun Pass.

Jumpstreet features wall-to-wall  trampolines as seen here from front of kid friendly businessWe were there for almost the entire two hours. Several times the girls swung by our table, all pink in the cheeks from running from one thing to the next. We also had one incident where someone got hurt (nothing major, just a briefly bright pink upper arm). It was an easy fix. They had mentioned when we came in that ice was available if needed and indeed it was.

I loved the moment when they all came up, all tired and out of breath and whimpered “We’re ready to go.” Ahhhhh  . .the sound of having plenty of fun and activity ; ) Afterwards, I can’t tell you how many times they discussed going to Jumpstreet again very soon. So, it was definitely a hit.

And there you have it. We just finished out the night with a little NetFlix, some good old-fashioned Twister, and a little Wii, leaving my final price for the party at about $77 plus party favors. My daughter was happy and so was I!

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