Digital Slot Car Racing Business Races2U Revs Up Family Friendly Services with Larger Austin Location, Day Camps, Pinewood Derby Track

Races2U's Circuit of the Americas (COTA - Austin) replica track.

Everything's Coming Up Races

The KidzAustin clan was eager to experience the new, larger location of digital slot car racing business, Races2U. Since they first joined our site, we’ve watched the business grow from a purely mobile service, making appearances at parties and other local events, to their first brick and mortar location where they were able to act as an event venue and also sell slot car tracks and accessories and finally to their latest location which has more space, the addition of a pine derby track, sells slot car items (both in store and online) and now offers day camps for kids! Did I mention they can also build custom tracks?

The Need for Speed: Testing Out the Tracks

Upon entering the establishment, we were met with smiles and quickly found ourselves in the middle of a race with another family in the store. In no time, my family's cars were whirring around the Daytona International Speedway replica track. Every once in a while, a car would jump off the track as the driver pushed a little too much pedal to the metal while navigating around the curve. While the cars sped on, it was easy to keep track of each competitor’s progress by viewing the large screen mounted just above the track. It didn’t take long for the cheering and yelling to emerge from the entire group as they neared the end of their 20-lap race. The need for speed was evident as I recalled my younger days with my trusty Matchbox track set. Let's just say this experience was that times 10!

From there we decided to try out each and every track within the establishment. Our second stop was the drag stripKidzAustin kids racing each other at Races2U. The track is the COTA replica track. which Is to the far right of the store. It only has two lanes, but man, was it fun. These cars seem like they could take flight (actually I think my daughter’s did for a moment, which cost her the race). The trick with this one is to have patience and be quick on the take as the light turns green. And, as a bonus we got a little exercise walking back and forth from the beginning to the end of the track again and again for the next round and the next because we just couldn’t seem to get enough.

The more challenging of the tracks would have to be the desert track. This is the only track in the store that is not digital, which means you don't have the extra benefit of the scoring display. Its design has the vibe of a desert or a military camp. Competitors drive large military or all-terrain vehicles and let’s just say the curves and hills are tricky to navigate. This one is more about staying on the course than winning the race.

Finally, there’s Austin's own Circuit of the Americas (COTA) replica track. Even if you’re not racing, this one is great to check out. The touches incorporated to give it that Austin vibe, including longhorns here and there, are a lot of fun. I think this was the largest track in the store. After watching my son and daughter get through a few laps, we did find ourselves a little nervous at the thought of them driving a real car someday. More time at Races2U seems like a good idea!

Fuel Injected Selection of Cars

Did I mention that the car selection offered for each is awesome? No matter what your preference or favorite ride, I could almost guarantee you’ll find one you love. Different builds seemed to work better on different tracks. So, that too is part of the fun – strategizing which one will yield the best results.

Turbocharged Party Room

Races 2U's larger party room featuring large race car image, microwave, fridge and seating for numerous kids/party goers.Once we got through the tracks, it was time to shift gears -- learning about the improved services offered with the larger location. Races2U owner Warren Peck showed us to the now larger birthday party area which was a big motivation for the move as some birthday party partcipants had commented  "our shop is too small," he said. As I walked into the room, my eyes were immediately drawn to the very large photo of a race car that took up most of the wall to the side of the room, perfectly in tune for the racing theme. I also noticed a microwave and mini fridge available for use. They were tables and plenty of chairs and space for several kids. Warren informed us Sarpino's (located right next door) often partners with Races2U by providing pizzas for the various celebrations. He did add, "Parents are also welcome to bring in their own food and refreshments if they prefer."  As part of the larger location, they also have an additional restroom available.

Ready. Set. Seasonal Day Camps.

Warren also explained that Races2U is now also offering seasonal day camps. The camps are geared for ages 10 and up. Campers race slot cars, build models, watch movies and learn to use simple tools. “Kids will learn S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) topics such as motors, gears, physics and electricity and also practice computer aided design (CAD) to design their own race track.”

Pinewood Derby Track Boost

Finally, the business also decided to add a pinewood derby race track. Kids can bring in their own homemade creations or use one of Races2U’s pine derby car kits which they can work on right in the store. “The track is great for scouts and other organizations who want to test or tune their cars.”

Mobile Fun and More

Races2U also continues to offer their mobile digital slot car racing service that will bring the fun right to your front door, or school or park or wherever the celebration might be. As I mentioned earlier, you can also purchase cars, tracks, pinewood derby car kits and other accessories at the store. And, if you bring your own car into the store, you'll receive a discounted price on each race.

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Races2U® is a family friendly business that uses the latest in Digital Slot Car technology to bring you all the fun and excitement of real racing! Stop by for a few races, throw an exciting birthday party, enjoy one of our seasonal kids' camps or invite us to your next local event. Our digital cars can be programmed for almost any skill level, from kindergarteners to adults. We have added a pinewood derby track to our attractions — great for Cub Scouts, Awana, church groups, and others..

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